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DAVIDsTEA Donates 1 Million Cups of Tea

In addition to supporting local communities through tea, DAVIDsTEA invites customers to shop with purpose this Giving Week with every transaction supporting the brand’s Impact Fund

MONTREAL, Nov. 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- DAVIDsTEA Inc. (Nasdaq:DTEA) (“DAVIDsTEA” or the “Company”), a leading tea merchant in North America, is pleased to celebrate Giving Tuesday by announcing their donation of over 1.3 million cups of tea to frontline heroes since the start of the pandemic. Continuing their commitment to a more sustainable and ethical tea industry, $1 of every purchase gives back to the DAVIDsTEA Impact Fund, supporting the brand’s local and global impact initiatives this Giving Week, from November 29 through December 6. Customers can shop with purpose at all 18 DAVIDsTEA flagship stores across Canada, and online at

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Customers can help DAVIDsTEA meet their next goal of 2 million cups donated—every transaction equals one cup of tea donated!

Supporting Local Communities

Spreading the joy of tea through in-kind donations has been part of the brand’s DNA since they opened their doors in 2008. When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the brand wanted to amplify their daily efforts and find ways to support even further: DAVIDsTEA is proud to share that they have officially donated over 1.3 million cups of tea to hardworking frontline heroes since the start of the pandemic. The brand considers “frontline heroes” to be anyone with essential roles in the community who could use a little extra appreciation, like healthcare workers, educators, childcare workers, first responders, postal workers, and beyond. Customers can help DAVIDsTEA meet their next goal of 2 million cups—every transaction in store and online at equals one cup of tea donated!

DAVIDsTEA’s mission is to make tea accessible for all, and the brand strongly believes that tea can be a source of comfort, which is why they continue to spread the tea love in a meaningful way by supporting frontline hero and non-profit donations through their sponsorship program.

Leveraging Giving Tuesday in Support of the DAVIDsTEA Impact Fund

In honour of Giving Tuesday, DAVIDsTEA will be donating $1 from every online and in-store transaction to its Impact Fund all Giving Week long, which supports the brand’s local and global impact initiatives. The fund was first launched during Giving Week in 2020 and has since contributed to three global impact projects. The brand has shown a continued commitment to their local communities, and with the funds raised this year through the Impact Fund, intends to support even more local and global causes.

“At DAVIDsTEA, we have a passion for doing good. I am humbled that we have been able to help bring comfort through over 1 million cups of tea to the hardworking frontline heroes in local communities across North America,” said Sarah Segal, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Brand Officer, DAVIDsTEA. “We are also thrilled to engage with customers on Giving Tuesday, and to have them participate in our local and global efforts to create a fairer, more sustainable tea industry. All purchases made between November 29 and December 6 are directly supporting our impact projects—and with the holidays just around the corner, it’s a great time to be gifting with purpose,” she added.

Global Impact Projects

In summer 2022, the brand launched C.A.M.P by DAVIDsTEA x Ethical Tea Partnership, which stands for Child-friendly Areas for Meaningful Positivitea, to provide safe education spaces for children of tea growers whose parents have relocated for temporary jobs during the summer off-season. The program ran in the Zhejiang region of China and offered an extensive curriculum covering topics ranging from science to social skills and nutrition, in addition to providing courses for caretakers such as literacy, health and maternity protection.

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Global impact projects from DAVIDsTEA include those in Nepal (left), South Africa (middle), and China (right).

In 2021, DAVIDsTEA broke ground on two projects, both aimed at giving back to communities where the Company sources some of its teas:

  • Nepal Water Project: Partnering with family-owned tea garden Jun Chiyabari, DAVIDsTEA is providing four government schools in Nepal with long-term access to clean drinking water, which impacts the lives of over 3,200 students, teachers, and staff.
  • South African Homework Facility Project: In collaboration with Johan, a South African rooibos tea producer, DAVIDsTEA built a homework facility that provides a safe space where the children of tea farmers from the small-scale farms in the Cederberg mountains can study.

Shop with purpose online at for Canadian and U.S. customers, or in-store at one of DAVIDsTEA’s 18 flagship locations across Canada.

In an effort to continue to support local organizations that make an impact in the community, DAVIDsTEA accepts requests for partnerships and sponsorships throughout the year.

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DAVIDsTEA offers a specialty branded selection of high-quality loose leaf teas, pre-packaged teas, tea sachets, tea-related accessories and gifts through its e-commerce platform at, the Amazon Marketplace, its wholesale customers which include over 3,800 grocery stores and pharmacies, and 18 Company-owned stores across Canada. It offers primarily proprietary tea blends that are exclusive to the Company, as well as traditional single-origin teas and herbs. The team’s passion for and knowledge of tea permeates the Company’s culture and is rooted in an excitement to explore the taste, health and lifestyle elements of tea. With a focus on innovative flavours, wellness-driven ingredients and organic tea, the Company launches seasonally driven “collections” with a mission of making tea fun and accessible to all. The Company is headquartered in Montréal, Canada.

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DTPR image 1 - 1milcups EN

Customers can help DAVIDsTEA meet their next goal of 2 million cups donated—every transaction equals one cup of tea donated!
DTPR image 2 - impactprojects

Global impact projects from DAVIDsTEA include those in Nepal (left), South Africa (middle), and China (right).